how to have a staycation

staycation |ˌstāˈkāSHn|

noun [informal]

def: a vacation without going actually going anywhere. posting out with friends, putting on sweats, and pretending you're on a tropical island without the palm trees or the tan.

she took a staycation for kicks and giggles | people on budgets take staycations | [ as an adj] : a staycation moment.

Sounds like something YOU need? Here's how:

1. Surround yourself with flowers — that's what the hotels do.

2. Read magazines — like you would on a plane. 

3. Have a mini bar — without feeling ripped off.

4. Work — but only from bed. 

5. Play  dress up — because you have the time (and your friend's makeup.) 

6. Eat homemade apple pie — calories don't count on vacation.

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