funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous...Chambray, ChamHEYYYY edition. 


-Getting a parking ticket and breaking a mirror within 30 minutes. Way2Go Em. 

-When elevator doors almost close on you = not a good sandwich.

-Getting dressed. It's so annoying sometimes.

-NO, I don't know Ryan Lochte and stop asking me if I do.

-Wait, why is "Call Me Maybe" still playing?

-That my alarm clock is the most hated thing in my apartment. 

-Putting on a sandy wet suit. 

-No first day of school for me this year. Sad BEAR. 


-Nail decals. Ok fine, they are cooler than Polish. 

-A peanut butter sandwich. Simple bliss. 

-A random text that makes you :) 

-Hanging out with little kids. They have so much energy AND make for really fun dance parties! 

-Baking these chocolate chip cookies

-Is that a 3 day weekend I see in the horizon??

-Cowboy boots and country. 

-Blogger lunches. 

-That women can VOTE. 

-Seeing Mama & Papa this weekend. 

-When you start to see hints of flexibility return because yoga.

[jean jacket] [chambray top] [skirt] [booties] [tank] [sweats: CAL]

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