The other day I got an email from a reader like you (channel ---> PBS) asking me about goal setting and all that fun stuff. She wanted to know if when I go to set goals, I use paper or tech. Since this is something I have actually pondered (nerd alert!) I figured why not post about it?!


 When I go to set goals, I'm old fashioned, and jot them all down on paper!

Now, here is the kicker my friends, there are a lot of different types of "goals," and yes, they all get their own form of star treatment.

Athletic goals: When I was an athlete I documented almost everything in log books. Before every season, I would start a new book and write my goals on the first page so they were easy to see and CROSS OFF! Some goals got crossed off right away, some were in 4 books, and a few will forever stay unchecked (and that's ok!) I also put my goal times in writing around my apartment so I was constantly reminded.

Now, I don't need to be intense, so I like to use a weekly calendar to stay accountable. I try to schedule out how many workouts/classes I want to attend for the week (I usually aim for 3!) Seeing it in writing holds me accountable (or makes me feel guilty if I don't go!) 

Blogging Goals: Every Saturday(ish) I make a weekly calendar of posts for the upcoming week. I used to not do this, but it has helped with brainstorming. The calendar is so basic (aka: I don't even date it) and it often changes. I don't really keep a "long term" goal list for my blog. This is something I do for fun and trying to predict where I want PWP to go, becomes too confining.

Weekly Goals: I have come to accept that I am a person who needs boundaries. That being said, lists really help. I usually jot down everything that needs to get done for the week and cross it off as I go. Most of tasks are tiny, like doing my laundry, but I've learned that if I don't acknowledge them, they will probably be forgotten, and go undone. Plain and simple. 

Lifelong Goals: For these bad boys, I don't really write down anything, instead I keep photos. Yup, I have photos of everything I want to do, see, and be. I've done this since I was 11 (thanks to my mother's suggestion.) And yes, I have strangely gotten exactly what has been in many of these photos.  


 I have tried making lists and with apps or stickies but it just doesn't seem to work as well for ME. I'm a big believer that there is nothing more satisfying than physically checking-the-box after you have accomplished something. 

Ps: Goals aren't cut or dry, it's OK if they change and sometimes never happen. This is the beauty of life.

Pps: And now that you think I'm neurotic, have a good day! 

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