funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous...polkas-N-pockets edition.


-Not gonna lie, its been a struggle to workout this week. 

-If I don't do my laundry by today, we are going to have some serious problems. 

-ATMs that aren't affiliated with your bank. Ok cool, I have to pay $ to get my $. 

-Mastering the "open-eyed" nap. 

-Searching for flights to the most random places. There's about to be an adventure!

-Trying to sneak bites from the bulk food aisle. GUILTY AS CHARGED.


-Dessert gum. 

-Blogging after blogging. 


-It's almost Fall (pumpkin spice lattés anyone?) 


-Random outings and shopping sprees. 

-Seeing the Spices Girls back in action. Boom. 

[dress: similar] [hoodie] [lleggings] [kicks]

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