Ohh Tahoe.

This past weekend, I made my first trip to Tahoe. I had a great time with my friends practically family. We were pretty active the entire time so I didn't get many pics (no way was I bringing my camera rafting!) Here are some pics I did get...as for the other adventures, just picture me wearing a protective helmet and dusty running shorts. Really, a look for the catwalk... 

Highlights and notes about Tahoe... 

-Apparently Starbucks cost more in the mountains. That's when you know...you're addicted. 

-10 year old boys are like real life energizer bunnies. Holy cow.

-Nothing in this world compares to driving with the windows down, sun shinning, and country music blasting for 3.5 hours. 

-Bunk beds will always lead to great conversations. 

-Water rafting = strong biceps. 

-S'mores taste good no matter what. Yes, even if you have to make them in the oven.

-Going without makeup for a few days feels awesome. 

-A zip line "boot camp" (rope course) is the best form of exercise. It will also bond you to your best friend.

-Don't bring your nice running shoes hiking. Duhhhh (apparently I forgot about this...)

-Black leather seats can really burn your bum. 

-Sometimes the best adventures can't and don't need to be instagramed or photographed. 

-Homemade (Mexican) breakfasts are the best.

-You will always meet a new friend wearing a Grateful Dead tee

-Once an Olympic Village, always an Olympic Village. Squaw Valley is still full of pride

-It is possible for me to go without Twitter for a day.

-Long drives made me realize that yes, I really do need to be wearing my glasses more often.  


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