Review: Caviar Manicure

Proper Term: Caviar Nails (preferably pronounced with a posh French accent)

My Term: Sprinkle nails...because I hate fish eggs!!!!!!  

I bought this Ciate manicure kit because it looked like fun/I tend to go product crazy when I'm in Sephora. Also, the idea of doing pushups with sprinkles sounded a lot cooler than Pushups with Polish! 

This is how it turned out....


-Literally looks like you can eat my nails! NOMNOM

-Very easy to apply and clean up!  

-The kit will last for several manicures, so you do get your $$ worth!


-Doesn't last very this look for special occasions! 

-People may give you a confused look and/or stare at your nails for an extended period of time.

-Don't even think about going to the may rain little beads (not the sweat kind)

-Every time I saw my fingers, I got hungry! 

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