Funky vs. Fabulous

 Funky vs. Fabulous...Baggy top, baggy pants edition. 

[top: similar] [shorts] [wedges: similar]


-Gross public transportation, I won't go into detail. 

-Getting gas. It's so unpleasent how much one must pay. 

-The fact that I could probably eat peanut butter every meal for the rest of my life. 

-When you tweet a typo. 

-The post office, takes years off my life. 

-When you can't tell if you have dark circles or smeared eye liner. Either way it sucks. 

-Waking up 15 minutes before your alarm goes off. Gahhhh.

[pants: lulu lemon] [shirt: ?] 



-Looking back at old photos

-Hot yoga, not to be confused with Bikram yoga. 

-Peanut butter fro-yo (with oreos)

-Summer tomatoes (with salt and evoo. i die)

-Being with all my best friends this past weekend. 

-Music play lists from high school. Good times. 

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