on balance....

Hey there.

I’ve received a few emails lately about balance. Not the gymnast-on-the-beam kind, but the lifestyle kind. The kind where you need to be, let's say, a student and an athlete, have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too type of deal. Through experience, I have learned that it is easy for people (and even yourself) to place you within certain limits that usually don't cover our full potential. I believe that it is possible to strike a balance and be fabulous at everything you imagine yourself being and doing. Blending two worlds (like pushups and polish) does not ask for strengths to be sacrificed and can only make you better. Find what you love, make friends with iCalender, and remember there’s always tomorrow. Now, go about doing your thing, even if it seems unrealistic, like riding ponies in swimsuits.   

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