Ohh helloooooow

Hey Sunshine,

I'm all grownup. This means BIG girl things now, like vlogging (what a silly word.) 

I also figured with videos, there's less of a chance for typos...

This is my first one, so cut me a break (or give me a break? hint hint Hollywood)



-There will be less clapping. I must have a secret love for slapping my hands together. Sorry about that. 

-Mental note, I need to stop using the word "and." And what Emily?! Spit it out!

-Maybe a new location, like my couch. Gawd forbid I get fancy on you. 

-TRENDS (fashion/beauty) TIPS (fitness/workout) THINK (life) 


Let me know if there is anything you want me to talk about...b/c yes, we all know I like to talk. 

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