yeah, one those...

Heck i pretty much share almost everything with you guys so why not let you into the private and mysterious world of a woman's bag? It only seems natural and the proper blogger thing to do...basically I'm just doing my job.

1. 'nanas: I always ALWAYS carry something to eat with me. If I don't I get grumpy. This roots back to my swimming days where I ate everything in site. 

2. Le bag: I got this little sucker as a gift. Kinda like the one my mom owns, but whatever. I love it and it holds everything. Rose pink is the new neutral. You heard it here. 

3. Rays: You've seen them on PWP a billion times. Love 'em. I should carry my "seeing" glasses with me but why would I want to see clearly??? 

4. Band-aids: Well wouldn't you know, I am clumsy as it gets. I also use them if heels or running shoes give me a blister. 

5. Gum: Love my gum. But I only try to chew it in private because I am loud chewer. I can't help it. OK. 

6. The Ipad: If you haven't guessed by now, I am always connected to some form of media. I'm trying to get better with using my IPAD but the touch screen on steroids gets on my nerve. 

7. Wallie: I love it and yes, I often wish it wasn't so empty. 

8. Headphones: Let's be real, sometimes I just want to be in the zoneeeeee.  

9. Keys: Often forgotten. If you really knew me, you would know I lock myself out at least twice a month.

10. Brush-ups! I'm neurotic with my teeth.

11. Coconut Water: Not a fan of coconut anything but this water makes me feel SO hydrated that I can't live w/out it. 

12/13: Lip balm/Lip Stick: These 2 are a MUST and I can't have one w/out the other! 


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