funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous...."It looks like I swallowed a highlighter" edition. 


[dress] [jacket: similar] [shorts]


-Posing like a flamingo (cough cough above) 

-When you suddenly realize that you are the ONLY ONE who can hear your music. Solo dance party. 

-Pina colada marshmallows. NO NO a good thing should not be messed with. Eww.

-Losing a fully loaded train ticket. $20 gone. Stupid wind. 

-That fact that it is summer and yes, I had to wear two jackets to go grocery shopping. 

-Having a competition with my phone...which one of us will get to 10% battery first?!


-This good good life. 

-The last 7 days.

-When my dad signs each and every one of his text messages "love dad." Adorable.  

-Walking home and randomly seeing your bff :)


-Getting a "box of must haves" delivered to you each month.  

-Wearing shorts and sports bras under a dress. Ladies, it's how we do.

-Greek frozen yogurt. YO. 

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