6 things i swear by.


Foam Rolling: Always have, always will. No matter what, I will still keep on rollin' rollin.' It's like a free massage, except not as relaxing (duh.) 

Tea: Oh heyy, I just aged myself 30 years and became British. WORTH IT. I'm really into Ginger/Lemon tea. It helps me unwind after a long day at work. Something about it is so comforting. 

UD "All Nighter"/Eye-shadow Primer: I got these as samples and I LOVE them. They make such a difference! My makeup actually lasts the entire day (or night...if you're cool enough to stay up that late.) Y'all must try! 

Naked Palette: Best friend (A) and best friend (B) both have this. It took little convincing for me to get one of my own. In love! Everything I have ever needed. It is not like other pallets that are cheap (remember those from the 3rd grade?!) This stuff is awesome and you can make a million different combos! Worth every penny!  

The carryall: There is nothing like a bag that you can dump everything in (sneakers, water bottle, iPad, the whole 9 yards!) What makes this gem especially cool? It is swimming theme. Ummm thank you Mrs. Spade. 

The Target running short: Hey Target, thank you for knocking off Lulu Lemon like it is illegal. Even better? Getting shorts in the little girls section. Yup. I'm 5'10 and the Girls XL fits fine and is about $10 bucks cheaper. Does this mean I'm not a girl, not yet a woman?  


what are some things you "swear by?" I would love to try them! 

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