funky vs. fabulous.

After a little breaky...FUNKY vs. FABULOUS is back in action. 

This time it is "(?) Shades of Grey" edition....


[necklace] [dress: similar] [shoes]


-Naps after 5pm. They ruin everything. 

-Getting new tires. As a girl, I can think of 1,000 other things I'd rather spend my money on.

-The idea of me and my apartment with NO air conditioning this summer. 

-WHEN THEY DON'T FILL YOUR COFFEE TO THE TOP. Hun, I got a large for a reason. 

-Metered parking....go kill yourself. 


[top] [shorts: similar] [shoes]


-The current state of my organized's not a black hole! 

-Lemon water. Delish. 

-Finding a Starbucks giftcard. 

-When your phone takes a suicide leap and the screen DOESN'T crack.

-Getting free dessert. Seriously made my week. 

-Driving the Golden Gate Bridge. #LUCKY. 

-The mass exodus of college students from my town = no line at the post office. 

(But seriously, do you think I'm reading wearing Fifty Shades of Grey?)  

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