funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous...wait for it. WAIT FOR IT. BOOOOOOM! edition. 


-When my skin freaks out. Seriously, CALM DOWN. 

-When I freak out. Seriously, CALM DOWN.

-Not being able to write my essay until I feel that 24 hour time crunch. 

-Hey Iphone, its 2PM why are you out of battery? 

-Doing laudry in the basement. Potentially haunted. 


-Extracting happiness from common things, like a cup of coffee :) 

-Almost finished with my FINAL PAPER! 

-The chocolate covered biscotti that I can't stop eating from my favorite coffee place. 

-Texting my sister about the one, the only, the perfect...BILL RANCIC. But seriously, crush. 


-The movie 5 Year Engagement. Hilarious. 

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