funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. stripes edition. 

{dress: gap} {bag: gift} {wedges: old navy} {necklace: aldo}


-Eating way too much at dinner. Thus, all I want is to be rolled onto a couch. Real attractive.

-When my body says "oh BTW em, you're not sleeping tonight."

-Wanting to check Twitter while driving. I got problems yo. 

-Seeing people at the gym. WHY? Because I usually just rolled out of bed and don't have a sexy jog.

-Waiting on things. Waiting on things you can't control.

 -I'm so sick of all my music I just might become a singer. 

{tank: gap} {shoes: nike} {sports bra/leggings: champion}


-Seeing my parents and my seester. 

-All this love and support! 

-Summer = S'mores. 

-My guilty pleasure, The Bachelorette, has graced us once again with its presence. 

-M&Ms with my face on it. Thank you Ma. 


-Sister cuddle sessions. 

- Mani. Boy oh boy do I like a fresh polish. 

-Family dinners. 

-Planning parties. I lalaLOVE to do that kind of stuff.

-Going shoppin'! New clothes. Mmmmhmm. 

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