now we're friends.

So here is the deal, I used to be unsure about everything in this pic (mostly because I didn't know how to pair these pieces.)

But now we're friends. Best friends. 

Glasses: WHY did I ever buy bright blue rays? Oh yeah, for football games. I guess?

Top: I got this at Forever 21 in a random "I have to have this" moment. Then I got home, tried it on, and hated it. NO RECEIPT, NO RETURN. I decided to tie it at the waste and now I'm in LOVE.

Skirt: Again, another F21 purchase that ended up looking cheap. BUT when I want to pretend I'm in SoCal and heading to the beach, purrrrfect! 

Bag: WOW, I hated these at first! I thought the bag-on-bag look was so strange! But let me tell you, I love it. The pop of color adds to every outfit and the canvas "carry-all" is perfect for the gym, school, and work! 

Flip Flops: I bought these in Vegas because my feet killed. I got home and realized that bright orange is so Halloween! Screw it friends, they now go with everything. 


So there you have it, sometimes the clothing gods work wonders and the outcasts of your closet unite! 

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