funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous...this is my Easter dress edition, and no, it will never be pastel or lace...  


-lipstick on your teeth.

-when it is sunny but really cold outside.

-over packing...but not with the right things.

-bird poop on da car. 

-walking. walking. walking. WALL!

-when the wind blows up your dress. nobody be lookin'! 

-the grad fair. man, i don't even have a job and you want mooolah. 

-wow the nerve the airport has to charge $4 for a coffee. 

- almost succeeding in eating the entire chocolate one sitting.  

-falling asleep in the middle seat on the airplane.  

-online returns. brutal. 


-the last few weeks. 


-going into Target and NOT spending my entire budget. 

-being like " went to my high school?" and now being like "hey you're my new bff."  

-springness: flowers, weather, bunnies...

-a really crispy french fry. 

-surprise Easter baskets.

-makin' new friends all over the place!  

 {dress} gift/ marc jacobs {shirt} {shoes} {glasses}  

ps: this is a holiday post, no athletic gear needed on days off! 

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