funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous...highlighter edition. 


-Taking out the trash, it never gets easier. 

-All the stuff you find at the bottom of your purse. 

-Stretching at the gym. Those mats are nasty. 

-When the BART exit rejects your ticket. Umm, do you know who I am? JK. 

-When your gum runs out of flavor. 

-Trying to cram as much stuff as possible into a "flat rate" shipping box.

-When the printer says "out of ink." What if an octopus used that excuse?

-That I qualify to now say "when I was in school..." 


-Knowing a friend who is a professional baker. 


-When doors open. 

-Actually getting pictures developed. 

-New songs. Talk about refreshing. 

-Taking naps after dinner. Why not?

-I get to see my fambam soon :) 

-Cheers 2 the freakin' weekend. 


-When work, doesn't seem like work. 

(glasses) (jacket: zara) (top) (jeans) (shoes) (jacket: lulu lemon) (shorts: craft store)

Have a safe weekend! 

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