10 things i'm happy about.

or a human with a french fry...

So...10 things I'm happy about at this very moment...

1. I have a short and sweet running path. No further plans of changing it or extending it. Just 'cause. 

2. I have the most supportive family ever. God bless 'em. 

3. Lighting my new candles makes me all "temporary zen." Which is a good thing. 

4. I respect myself. 

5. Looking back at this semester it has been life changing and worth the risk. 

6. This is my last week of classes EVER (but just because I said that, I'll probably end up in grad school...) 

7. Popping gummy vitamins. Hello age 5, I am so happy we are reunited...

8. That mermaids come in clutch form...

9. "Call Me Maybe" is a song played on repeat in my apartment w/o any shame. 

10. How much better "a little steamed milk" tastes in coffee vs. cold milk. 


 So yeah. Don't be sad, be glad. 

Slumpin' is for suckers (not the tootsie pop kind) 


hey good lookin...what are you happy about? 


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