3 ways im wearing my sweats.

Yup, this saying pretty much sums it up...

Too much homework? "That Sh*t Cray"

Coach being ridiculous? "That Sh*t Cray" 

Gotta work overtime? "That Sh*t Cray" 

And for the 3 ways I'm wearing my latest and greatest...

Courtesy of Socially Conscious Shirts (say that 5x fast...)

Enter --> the purple drank sweatshirt  


1. With obnoxious pink leggings and kicks. 


2. With a poofy pumpkin skirt, belt, and sandals. 


3. With jeans and sneaker/wedge hybrids. 

Mosey over here to get some other sweet tees like "Tebow is my Homeboy" (because he is rightttt?

ps: totally having a bad hair day in this post. grrrrahh.

pps: i got a size XL. perfect for the buffet.  

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