this is my go2...

I'm not going to struggs (short for struggling) right now. One of those days. No way I'm about to dress up. Just nawt gonna happen. Ehhh just a part of life i guess. 

shirt: because it was the first clean thing i pulled from the "clean" pile before i did my folding. 

leggings: the most comfortable thing eeeever. 

flops: to let everyone know I'm coming. Ohh and to also show off the first and most beautiful stage of a new pedi. I bet it won't look this good tomorrow...

jacket: jean jackets are my favorite because they keep you not too hot, not too cold. 

scarf: because it is cold in the morning. hot in the 'noon. cold at night.

hat: honestly, so i don't have to brush my hair. 

glasses: honestly, so i don't have to put on makeup.

bag (similar): perfect to throw in all the junk i need for the day. trust me, i need a lot of junk. 


and when all is said and done, and if i have that rare moment to spare, i can still go to the gym in this outfit...which probably won't be happening today OR tomorrow. mehh :( 

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