funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous...I just dodged the rain AND I love me my "Greatful Dead" tees edition. 


-LEARNING, sounds cliche BUT you are living your life right...if you are still learning. 

-Screw it, I'm getting an ice-cream and the chocolate cone! 

-Alone time in the car with the music blasting. 

-Going for a swim. The lifeguard literally had to kick me out. 

-Birthday cards! 

-Crawlin' around SF. Great town. 

-Easter. Don't (chocolate) ears taste good? 

-Being like "I'm having a good day, I gotta call someone and tell them!" Seeesterrr.

-Checking in with a friend each day to stay accountable to our goals! 

-My coffee shop mama, shes knows me beyond my order! 


-The picture directly above. I'm sorry guys, I was really cold and uncomfortable.

-Well, I just saw the straightener burn off my hair. 

-Thinking about being a grownup. 

-Avoiding rain puddles. 

-Sheeeit. Typo. 

-My new drivers license photo. Lady said "on 5" but snapped on 3. Jurk. 

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