funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous: BASEBALL EDITION!! holllarrrrr.

{glasses} karen walker {top} chaser {skirt} forever 21 {shoes} gilt 


-Bundling up b/c you're freezing...but sweating b/c you are so bundled up!

-When the shower suddenly gets COLD. 

-Jogging in the wind. It's really way too much work. 

-My sinuses. They are extremely rude and temperamental. 

-Self tanner. Like woah. 

-When jewelry catches on clothing. Awww snap. 

{hat} OAKLAND As!!! {baseball top} chaser {leggings} {shoes} nike


-Tea. I'm suddenly obsessed. My inner lady is coming out. 

-Sliding around on my wood floors in socks. 

-Devoting a day to my couch. It's called Sunday.

-New friends. Old friends. The TV show Friends.

-Being like "Hey Doc, so I need a Zpak NOW. K thanks." All better now. 

-Friends that don't act scared when they see you without makeup. 

-New running shoes. They are neon and obnoxious. 

-Massages. They are the best investment for you and your health. Just sayin. 



Speaking of baseball, I'm excited. Can't wait for warm night games and cracker jacks. 

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