closeups of my home apartment. 


1. My night stand: candles and my favorite picture from NYC.

2. My bed: one of the few pillows on my bed. This one is from ZGallery. 

3. My cookbooks: I love learning about different ways to prepare food. Seriously! #nerd.

4. My art: Vintage Chanel posters. I saved up $ for a year to buy these suckers. I love 'em. 

5. My Pillows. Such a girl thing, but they add a lot to a little place! 

6. My favorite: Flowers & candles, the 2 things that make me a happy gal. 

7. My jewelry: I keep the "usuals" in vintage ashtrays from the flea market. 

8. My bookcase: My small collection of books and "everything you don't want to see" are in those baskets.

9. My side table: a mirror tray with candles.

10. My desk: the original "pinterest" with my favorite photos and inspiration.   

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