currently obsessed.


one: hi. i love this little half trench. Because what is better than sleeves? No sleeves.

two: Ohmygod. Bright denim with polka dots. What the hell, why didn't I think of this?

three: A little tennis case as a prelude to a tennis bracelet? I also like it because now my lipstick isn't scattered all over my bag. 

four: Wowzzzers I love spears (the metal and singer kind.) duh.

on a side note...does your chain hang low?  

five: I can't help but walk with my head down.

six: life changing little read. 

seven: loving the look of white(ish), pink(ish) nails. 

eight: they "light up" the my world.

nine: love my shoes. been reppin' em for years now.  

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