funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. & black edition. 


-pop quizzes 

-hearing the alarm clock go off 

-practicing a speech on public transportation. no, i am NOT whispering to myself.

-heels and cobblestone 

-my struggle spelling things this week. strange. 

-stepping on the sweaty, gym elliptical. ewwwwww buddy. 

-the mid-day crash.   

{jacket} Lulu Lemon {pants} CAL sweats! {shoes} Nike


-this CA weather! 

-finally having food in my fridge 

-trampolines ;)

-Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-taking the "photo a day" challenge. do it with me!

-really good wine + really good food + really good movies + really good friends

-my new morning smoothie ritual (Naked Juice rocks!) 

-the BUMMER BASKET giveaway. if you haven't checked it out, you should. it's a great idea! 

{dress} French Connection {top}Hive and Honey {blazer}BCBG {shoes} Tory Burch {glasses} Karen Walker 

have a good weekend. stay safe. get a little competitive. 

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