Right about now.

Woah there weather.

Way to PMS and rain on our parade (no pun intended.) Now I gotta get creative. 

Enter --> 3 ways to wear that "spring dress," NOW. 

1. + Long Sleeves 

Until the sun shines again just  add water long sleeves under your tank dress! Complete with a scarf, belt, and boots and you're good ta go!

2. Lots of Layers

Like wood in a fire, pile it on! Over my dress, I have a long sleeve shirt, button-up, and blazer. Cinch with a belt to show your hips you care. Ta dahhh, no more winter chill.  

3. Go Granny. 

Yeahh girl, cover up with a big knit and tights. Easy peasy. 

Problem solved, because waiting around for something (like spring) sucks. 

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