funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous...i wish i was a ballerina edition? 


-Burning the roof of your mouth. 

-Trying to unlock your ipod while running on the treadmill. 

-Confusing conditioner with shampoo.

-After dinner naps. Not ok. 

-When your gum runs out of flavor.

-Wanting to take the last piece of food, but won't out of fear of judgement. 

-Texting the wrong person. Don't freak, it was nothing bad. 

-Taking shellac nail polish off, what a b*tch.



-No joke, yesterday I experienced my perfect day.

-This fabulous 70+ degree weather! Seriously unreal. 

-The farmers market!!!!!!!! 

-Fresh flowers. 

-Oscar Fever! Can't wait to see what everyone is wearing! 

-Sweatpants and Uggs. Sometimes we could all use those days. 

-Sitting for hours at a coffee shop. 

-Walks & people watching. 

{glasses} Ray Ban {sweater/skrit} F21 {boots} Farel Robin {scarf} gift 

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