ever think about those glasses?

Ever think about wearing (sun)glasses inside? 

In the midst of fashion week, I can’t help but read all the fashion blogs, search through the tabloids, and keep up with the latest tweets…all for clothing that may never hit the stores (if rumors are true about the world ending in a few months.)  Anyways, screw the bold colors and furs of FALL 2012's  popular trends. The most obvious trend is what we call the “if you are in the front row, please, don’t hesitate to wear your sunglasses” look. Come on, what’s with this? It’s like a bunch of rappers, fresh out of the hyphy movement, except not. Try a bunch of stick figures in giant shades, controlling what we will be buying from our favorite “boutiques” in the strip mall. I digress. But really what are those glasses proving, stating, saying?

 “Your show is so boring, I am actually sleeping…”

“That model's pale skin is BLINDING!”

“My eyes are just so blood shot -from trying to stay skinny- that they must be concealed.” ahhemmm


Ladies or gents, if you have the answer to the “indoor sunglasses” movement, pahhhlease let me know. Until then, I’ll be sitting at the edge of my seat…wishing I was one of them?

Now, this all has me thinking, why do the most “fashionable” people in the industry only wear black? Good riddance.  

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