funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous: Pink pants edition


-Being vegetarian at a burger grill...

-Lack of personal space on public transportation. 

-Realizing I just want to talk for a living. 

-When my cell phone lifeline runs out of battery. 

-FAAAAreezing mornings. Warm days. How the hell am I supposed to dress?

-How quickly I can get over being on a treadmill.

-Clothing that has to be a. ironed b. dry-cleaned. Irritating. 

{top} wildfox {leggings} target 


-Making chocolate, candy, flowers, & hearts the theme of the week. 

-After work shopping spree! 

-Ma friends! They are just the best! 

-"Business meetings" (I'm so excited about the future!) 

-3. Day. Weekend. #getatme

-Exploring/Adventuring because it usually involves food. 

-Accepting my frizz = 30 extra minutes of sleep! 

-Hellooo girl scout cookies.

-Showing up at Macys to free wine and a DJ. I totally played along...

-Finding 3 LUCKY pennies in the locker room, aren't you jealous? 

{red top} French Connection similar {blue top} hive and honey {pants} Forever 21 {heels} jean-michael cazabat {glasses} ray ban  


Because w/o presidents, I might have been queen. 

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