funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous: "leggings under really long skirts keep you warm" edition 


-Hello 2am, nice to see you again! But seriously....stop waking me up. 

-FU new shoes! I saved you from the clearance rack and you still made my day hell! 

-Damn birds, why you gotta poop on my car! 

-Snoring strangers on the BART

-When you don't fold your clothes right away, they get crinkly. It sucks. 

-The microwave @ work. Someone, wipe that -ish down, and DON'T make it be the intern.


-Waking up to the subject line "class canceled" 

-Really crispy breakfast potatoes.

-Pretending I am at the Academy Awards.

-Anything with honey, honey!  

-6 course dinners. Yup fatty had a partayyy. 

-Laughter yoga. Google it. 

-New lipstick. ohhhhhlalala. 

-Nap after dinner --> 1 hour intermission --> Bed time. 

{glasses} gucci {jacket} ? {tank (also worn under jacket)} target {leggings} nike {skirt} ? {boots} vince camuto {bag} theit camera bag


ps: if YOU are my sister and you see this...i freakin' miss you!! 

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