funky vs. fabulous

Funky vs. Fabulous.... How to dress for awkward  holiday dinners edition. 



-Realizing you bought a bag of decaf coffee (and have been drinking from it.)

-Coming off a 2 week sugar rush. 

-The dash from my bedroom to the heater in the morning.

-Brussel sprouts...Not a fan.

-Having Jamba Juice in the Winter.

-Cab drivers who can't drive.

-Sleeping past your alarm...For an hour and a half. S^*t.

-Dried and crispy Christmas trees.


-2013 (so far so good!)

-Free samples at Costco. 

-Anything with goat cheese.

-A new gym membership! 

-Homemade Oreos.

-Reminiscing on old photos — the tween years should be forgotten.

-Only texting with emojis .

-My new Nikes

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[dress: vintage] [shoes] [lipstick]

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