Beauty Basics

Although I love to have a baskets of lip gloss, bins of hair care, and containers of nail polish (I promise I'm not a hoarder...) I realized that when it comes to my daily routine, I like to play favorites with a few products and keep the rest to a minimum. Here are my daily go-tos that I absolutely la-ove.


1. Eyeliner: A basic black liner (waterproof) is always a must. I like to line my top lash line, but if I'm after more of a smoky eye, I line my bottom lash line as well. 

2. Mascara: Yes, the orange tube is my favorite! Always has been and probably always will be. Two coats and I'm out the door. 

3. Blush: I have a few favorites that I rotate, but I usually stick with a mineral blush. 

4. Long-Lasting Lip Wear: If it's not long lasting, I usually don't wear it. A red or dark pink are often my go-to.

5. Concealer: This little compact has grown on me, and sometimes it is just enough coverage that I don't need foundation. It's great because it can match your skin tone and it works well as an eye-shadow base! 

6. Foundation: For the price, this stuff is a steal and a little goes a long way. 

7. Cream Shadow: This is the only eye-shadow I have ever used up completely! This stuff adds a light shimmer and works as a base for layering loose shadows. 

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