funky vs. fabulous.

 Funky vs. Fabulous.

"Posing in an alleyway is totally normal. Right?"


-When your computer crashes...There goes 3 hours of work. 

-Allergies. Like really, stop making my head hurt. 

-Seeing Paris Hilton in her pink Bentley (she sucks at driving BTW.)

-The time change. I'm so confused. 

-Eating a pomegranate. 

-Wanting a cookie after looking at the VS Fashion Show pictures. 

-Foam rolling your bum. TIGHT. 


- Candles that smell like Christmas trees. 

-Red nails. Classic. 

-Catching up with former teammates.

-Free breakfast. 

-Dessert flavored gum. 

-Waking up without an alarm clock.

-Cinnamon kettle corn. 

-Laughing until you cry. 

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