how to save money at the mall.

 The story I'm about to tell you should really be titled How to Give Your Tummy a Vacation. Instead, it's called How to Save Money at the Mall (this will be explained below...)

This past weekend I had the genius idea to do a cleanse. In fact, I turned it into a family affair, and NO we didn't kill each other...

Now, I've studied nutrition as a hobby for several years. In fact it was all my "leisure" reading that made me become 100% vegan for all of 2011 — currently, I am vegetarian. When I was a competitive athlete, I honestly believed that food and performance went hand in hand. In fact, I know it did. Now, as a working girl (who works out) nutrition is still important; so is dessert. Busy days, short lunches, cocktail hours...Well this -ish started to become a habit, instead of a treat. Wanting to eat, drink, and feel like Wonder Woman again (minus the costume) I decided a cleanse would be a good restart and maybe reveal some bad habits. In no way did I do this to lose weight <--- Had to throw that out there.

Usually I don't share this type of stuff with y'all, especially when it comes to diet (I hate 4 letter words.) But, what I do know is that the idea of cleanses, detoxes, and juicing are a lot more common than I thought. So I'm sharing. Capiche? 

The Cleanse?

Contrary to Beyonce's blah blah blah, basically nothing drink, I settled on the Blue Print Cleanse. I knew a few people who had tried it and Gilt was having a special deal, so obviously I was SOLD. I also liked the idea that I wouldn't be starving and the juices were pre-made. 

Over the course of 3 (long) days, you drink 6 juices per day; equivalent to about 20 pounds of veggies a day! Basically your bod is filled with vitamins and you're never hungry. I thought the juices were delish (my family, not so much.)  

How I felt?


 I didn't think that flooding your body with healthy stuff would affect me this much. The word headache cannot be emphasized enough. By the end of day 1, I wasn't hungry, just super tired and slugglish. For example, I was at the mall and wanted nothing to do with it, not even the sale. It was tragic. 

Day 2 and 3 were pretty rough as well, especially when I went out to eat with friends (seeing egg rolls...OMG.) My naps and nights though? Those were great! ZzzZZZ

One more thing, I was so dehydrated. Since you're basically restarting your body, there is a lot of junk that needs to leave. Tea and water became my BFF.  

PS: My skin looked ahhhhmaze by day 3. 

What I realized?

Besides that fact that I really like food...

1. I need to drink more water. Pre-cleanse, I had about 5 glasses of water a day. Note to self, NOT ENOUGH. Since then, I've really tried to make it a point to drink more water. #Reallyhard.

2. My habits: After my third attempt reaching for a candy bowl, I finally realized that I am a mindless snacker. Not the end of the world, but noted. Also, not having coffee is doable

Side note: Still not giving up coffee after this, just cutting back. 

3. Guess what? If you eat healthy, pure, raw...You don't crave anything! Literally. You only eat when you're hungry, not when you want a handful of M&Ms. 

4. It's different for everyone: My dad was chipper as a clown during this...I wanted to die. We all experienced different highs and lows. I also think we each took away different things from this.

Would I do it again? 

Honestly, I haven't gotten that far. Who knows?! Probably. 

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