That awkward moment when...You're actually really happy that the weekend is over. Why? Because I embarked in this little thing called "juicing" and my god was it hard. I'm going to post all about it soon, but in the mean time here are some weekend favorites (minus "food" + LA.) 

[Adventuring through the fabric store --> AKA: The happiest place on earth. The options here are endless! This is one of the places I love to go to get inspired - all the textures, colors, and patterns really get my creative juices a'flown'! I scored some new drapes for my place. BOOM BOOM POW!]

[Seeing all the Instagram photos of Marathon runners teaming up for Sandy relief efforts. Awesome.]


[Girls trip to the LA Jewelry Mart. It doesn't hurt to start brainstorming for Santa, right?]

[Juice, juice, and more juice...]

[Bright, red pedi + a nice soak in the spa = happy feet]

 [Scouring through old photos. This photo of my grandparents is my favorite.]

[Hanging with the dogs. This little lady is Bella.]

[Loading up on tangerines for the week ahead. It's going to be fresh.]

Happy Monday! 

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