funky vs. fabulous.

 Funky vs. Fabulous...I'm still full edition. 


-Eating until it's not cool anymore. Guilty

-When you know they are talking about you at the nail salon. 

-Trying to run after Thanksgiving...Key word "TRYING."

-Kinda, sorta burning the apple pie. 

-The person who named horseradish, "horseradish." 

-Feeling super dehydrated after the jacuzzi

-Black Friday commercials. No, I am NOT waking up at 4:45 to save $5. Sorry Sears.


-Winning at charades.

-The holidays (duh.)

-My Southern Family. Why don't I have a cute accent? 

-Peppermint coffee (btw it only tastes good 30 days out of the year.) 

-3 home cooked meals a day. 

-When my dog makes me feel important... Like Kate Middleton. 

-Southern California weather. 

-Leftovers (potato pancakes, pie for breakfast, grilled paninis.)  

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