funky vs. fabulous.

 Funky vs. Fabulous...


-When your leg falls asleep. 

-That thing named Sandy. 

-Running to say hi to someone. Quickly realizing it's NOT them. 

-The crazies at the Giants Parade (think SF in the 1960s...)

-Riding the train in a Halloween costume. 

-Forgetting a password.

-When you haven't worn your retainers in a few days.

-Sugar crash (I blame Halloween.)

-When the weather man is wrong. 


-Sunday brunch. 

-Sunset runs. 

-When SF basically shuts down to celebrate! 

-Halloween candy (before the sugar crash!) 

-Starbucks holiday cups!!! 

-These posters...

-When hard work pays off. 

-Country music. It cures anything. 

-Warm tea + honey. 

-Quick trips to the Farmers Market.  

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