one year.

1 year. 

It's amazing what can happen in year. I say this because I know it's true. This week marks the closure to one of the hardest, yet rewarding years of my life. A year that was filled with several lows, but even more highs. Because a year ago this week, I was in a car accident, hit head on. A few days before...I had left the sport of swimming (competitively.) From there, I continued to be tested  a loved one even passed my arms. 

Looking back, every single thing that happened, turned out to be a blessing.


Thanks to my faith, my family, and my friends — life took me on a journey that I never thought was possible. A journey that still seems too good to be true. I met some amazing people, worked for fantastic mentors, GRADUATED, and even landed a great job. Most importantly, I grew into myself and my beliefs. 

I really couldn't have done it without writing and my readers. #Thankful 

I guess all I want to say, is that it is always going to be ok. Just believe and stay true to yourself.

There is a rainbow after every storm. 

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