funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous...dress like a little boy (just because) edition. 


-Forgetting about your car = parking ticket.

-Shoes that give you blisters. 

-Seeing an Instagram of my mom and my best friend — "partying" together — without me. Mehhh.

-When you try to find someone on Facebook by typing in their nickname. 

-Super creepy people in yoga class. Need I say more.

-When you think your nails are dry, and quickly find out they aren't :( 


-The SF heat wave. It felt so good to bust out the flippy floppys. 

-When good friends come to play!

-The perfect gym towel. 

-HOMECOMING WEEKEND. I'm not in school, but whatever. 

-Watching the debate.

-These 10 athletic ladies. 

-Halloween everything!

-Outdoor fire pits, nothing more relaxing.  

-Jamba Juice! I'm back to my obsession and no one can stop me!

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