Sand(y) is never a good thing.

Although sand and the beach are a great couple...alone, sand sucks. Think about it, what is sand when it's not on the beach? Annoying. Now, add a Y and it's even worse! 

On a more serious note, this storm sounds like anything but a good time. The images are downright chilling. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you on the East Coast. 

I can only imagine that if you're safe inside (I hope all of you are) the cabin fever is about to kick in? 

Just incase, here is your sanity list...

-Play a game of cards — Classic, old school entertainment.

-Check out the boredom list.

-Did the power peace? Have a candle light dinner. #Cozy.

-Make these (don't worry, you probably have all the ingredients.) 

-Start journaling. 

-Pop in a chick flick  or two?

-Make 2012 bucket list (the year is almost over!)

-Practice new makeup looks.

-Nap (this is the perfect excuse to catch up on sleep!)

-Organize your closet/drawers/bathroom. 

-Start planning your Christmas lists/gifts.


Stay safe East Coast, the West Coast has your back! 

 PS: Sand + Y in no way relates to lovely women named Sandy. 

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