funky vs. fabulous.

 Funky vs. Fabulous...Back to basics edition. 


-Googling Halloween costumes...some choices are NOT ok.

-The awkward "Hey I know you! Oh I don't." 

-Answering the door with a face mask on. 

 -Finding trash in your seat pocket on the airplane. 

-Knowing exactly when someone is listening to "Gangmam Style" with their headphones on. 

-When the smoke alarm is out batteries. Beep. Beep. Beep.


- Long weekends at home.

-Pumpkin Spice CANDLES. 

-Foot reflexology. 

-Getting mail (bills not included) after a long day at work. 

-New boots. 

-Yes, I have already started my xmas shopping. One point for me!

-Partayysss. 6 year old partayysss.  

-Being in a photo booth with your parents.  

[jacket: lulu lemon] [shoes] [shorts: gap]

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