comparing b.b. creams to drills.

PSA: If you haven't gotten you hands on a B.B. cream, jump on it. 

Practically life changing. 

In athletic terms, it's like a drill (think: swimming, running...) but for your skin: prepping it, getting all the kinks out, priming your pretty little face to be absolutely flawless.


You can wear it alone or apply it prior to your foundation (that's what I do.) L'Oreal's B.B. cream is my favorite! The light coverage provides almost a matte look and after a few weeks I have seen some rockin' improvements in my overall stroke skin. Like any drill (or B.B. cream,) I've tried a few, but this one takes the cake. 

Ps: I'm am not affiliated with L'Oreall (although that would be ahhhmaze.) I just wanted to share! 

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