10 reps: Amanda Beard.

 10 REPS.

No, you don't have to drop and give me 10, it's a new little segment here on PWP. Basically, really cool people who rock at sports and style share their secrets of the trade. Enjoy! 


AMANDA BEARD: 4 x Olympian, 7 x Olympic medalist, swimmer, model, mom, and now blogger, gives her take on what it takes be to both stylish and sporty, heading into the 2012 Olympic Games!


1. Do you have any tips for someone who wants to get back into the gym?

Just remember that working out doesn't always require a "gym". Find something active you enjoy doing and it won't be hard to motivate yourself.

2. What gets you up at 5am to practice everyday?

In high school waking up early every morning was awful now I enjoy feeling like I'm ahead of my day by 7am. It gives me so much time to get things done all day.

3. Any “athletic” style/beauty tips?

Check out my products at mission athletecare. Always wear sunscreen if you're outside!

4. Who is your inspiration?

I have many. My husband is a huge inspiration in my life. Everyday we push each other to be better and it has helped us become a great team.

5. What’s your favorite part about competing?

I'm obsessed! I love competing in anything I do. Swimming is a perfect way to get my crazy competition attitude fix.

6. What do you consider the hardest part about swimming?

Jumping in a cold pool! Never gets easier.

7. What is your “go-to” post workout meal?

A banana and chocolate milk.

8. Proudest moment?

When my baby boy, Blaise, was born.

9.Favorite place to adventure to on your day off?

We have hiking and mountain biking trails behind our house. It's hours of fun.

10. Tell us about Swim Like a Mom

Whether your a mom or not, a man or a woman, you will find lots of great information on my blog. From workouts to recipes it's hours of fun. 

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