funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous..."don't tell work I'm going to the gym" edition. 

{glasses} Karen Walker {blouse} old navy {jacket} gift (similar) {skirt} free people {shoes} tory burch {bag} Chanel (similar) 


-Dear weather, are you gonna be hot? Or Cold? Choose one. K thanks.

-Pushing a door that says “PULL

-Locking myself out. Ohhh yes, always a good time.

-Every single contestant on "The Bachelor."

-The stubborn curlies that appear when my hair is up and won't cooperate with hairspray

-When my "ear buds" keep falling out during a run. Should I blame my ears or the headphones? 


-The snoooooooooooze button.

-Any breakfast food, especially for dinner.

-Costco free samples yo! 

-This recipe for Hot Chocolate Cookies, which I had written a post for but then deleted it...on accident. 

-Mascara, because without it I look blahhh blah. 

-Puffer vests. 

-Rec swim with my fellow floaters. 


[Ok, so I want you, you, and YOU to have a good weekend]

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