the love of my life.

Today, it's all about coffee, and the perfect pour....

the breakdown...

If I divided the state of CALIFORNIA by coffee, we'd get, NorCal-Peets. SoCal-Coffee Bean 

Picking the best "fast food" coffee I'd say, Dunkin Doughnuts (East) 7-11 (West) 

BEST COFFEE in general? Blue Bottle

Coffee with the coolest cause, Bicycle Coffee.

Because coffee makes the perfect gift, go here!  

Some "like it hot" BUT on a toasty day, nothing beats, Coffee Bean's "Ice Blended"

I drink my with 1 pack of sugar and a hint of cocoa. 

Best way to make coffee at home? Use a Chemex

My daily breakfast consists of coffee and this every morning...

For fun facts about coffee, go here


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