funky vs. fabulous.

Funky vs. Fabulous..."I'll be wearing my new shoes with everything" edition.  


-Loosing my umbrella when I really need it. Of course.

-My laundry pile. 

-An empty fridge.

-Trying to explain blogging.

-White socks turned black. Thanks uggs.

-The shakes. The pilates shakes, especially while doing planks.

-Wait, you mean there is homework?

-Spending more time thinking about going to the gym than actually being at the gym.  


-Landing my first job!

-Reuniting with all maaa friends!!!!!!!

-It’s my last semester of college. Get ‘er done.

-Standing in front of the heater. So toasty.

-Shoes. All shoes. Especially these shoes.

-Feeling invincible wearing rainboots…

-Refusing to take down my Christmas lights (justified only because they are the white, indoor kind) 

{glasses} Karen Walker {sweater} H&M {skirt} Zara {bag} TJ MAX {shoes} c/o Happily Ever After 

 [weekend. yay.]

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