funky vs. fabulous.

The best thing about Friday is that it comes every single week.


-Burning my foot with the iron, yes I managed to do that.

-The laundry that I still haven't folded.

-Riding a beach cruiser up hill.

-Being homesick. Miss the fambam.

-8am class.

-When nail polish chips, 2 hours after a pedicure. 

-Those "forwarded" chain emails that make you feel as if the world is going to end...if you don't pass 'em on.

{shoes} F21 {skirt} U&O {top} Gap body {scarf} h&m

{sweater} my sister's closet. don't tell her. {top} gap body {pants} lulu lemon 


-Running into people from high-school. Reminiscing about high-school. Obsessing about college. 

-Scavenger hunts. 

--side note, once I broke my toe on one....competitive much? 

-Cheesy jokes.  

-Making a mani & pedi take mid-week priority.  

-Thai food restaurants that deliver. 

-Chocolate covered almonds.  


-Visits from old friends. 

cheers to the freakin' weekend. 

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