funky vs. fabulous.

TGIF. But seriously. 

So yesterday I had this huge project for class. You know, the kind where you have to speak in front of people, about things that aren't really interesting. Anyways, I had to dress in "business attire," whatever that means. Let's be real, when I mean "business," I'm usually in a swimsuit and parka. So I had to tear up my closet (literally) to find something to wear. And obviously...I would be presenting right after AM practice (hence the workout top), so here's what i agreed upon. 

Lesson learned: Emily really needs to start building her wardrobe for "real life." 


-tight hamstrings. really tight hamstrings

-when your gum runs out of flavor

-a dead cell phone battery

-mini earthquakes

(sleep with pants by your bedside folks, a biggie is a comin')

-walking into a spider-web

-thinking your nails are dry and...SMEAR. f&kjf!@3.

-trying to remember your online passwords


-Clean sheets. 

-Life lessons.

-Becoming a "local" at the coffee shop. 

-That one word at the perfect moment from a teammate that makes you better. 

-Excitement about my future, dreams, and goals. 

-Finding the right quote at the right time. 

{glasses} so i can see {top} old navy athletic, seen in this post here {blazer} Elizabeth and James {skirt} $15 {shoes} BCBG

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