thoughts on september

September means....


-i miss the olden days, where I got an entire new wardrobe for starting the 3rd grade. 

-pumpkin things are beginning to appear. we all know what that means, RECIPES :) 

-that perfect temperature of it still being warm with a slight chill in the air.

-until the first homework is due, we all have 4.0s! 

-back to swimming and eating everything in sight.

-football is back. like i care. but the social part is nice. 

-i can almost wear my new coats....preparing for rain and public hibernation (aka: when i wear my hood) 

-cheap Halloween candy is now readily available. 

-season premier of shows. for those of you who have time to watch TV, i'll live vicariously through you, k?

-i can finally wear my boots again.  

-it's my dad's birthday, so I'll eat cake in his honor.  


damn, sometimes I wonder why someone would want to sleep through September? 

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